Fascism or Communism?

by Elliott
2 minutes
Fascism or Communism?

When looking at the current situation is seems like the only options are Fascism or Communism. The news media, social media, and rioters in the street all tell us that those are our only two options. And it is a false dichotomy.

Those are both authoritarian systems that have failed to promote human values. Because human values are individual values. And totalitarian systems like Fascism and Communism don't have the ability to treat people like individuals, so they treat them like groups.

Fascism and Communism both emphasize the power of the state and leaders so much that there is no room for the individual. They make the individual little more than a slave to the state.

The only systems that can promote human values are those systems that are free enough where people can interact with each other without authoritarian politics forcing an outcome. Where people are free to interact as THEY agree to interact. Neither Fascism or Communism allow for that.

Both systems crush the spirit of those not in power so that those in power can rule more completely. This is reflected in the blocky, uniform, and stiffness of the art created by societies ruled by Fascism or Communism. Because everything is for the state, and nothing outside the state in these societies, artist, writers, and engineers are not free to experiment, and possibly be wrong politically. So they all try to stay safe by mimicking the art and design that came before them. Because to be wrong politically, or politically incorrect can mean a death sentence or worse, a short life in a labor camp.

We humans who love our art, novels, and architecture to be daring, imaginative, and creative must reject this false choice of Fascism or Communism. There is a better way. Limited government that is so small that it cannot be used to oppress human values, but just large enough to support a thriving society and free market.