Cheaters Don't Win

by Elliott
~1 minute
Cheaters Don't Win

Cheaters don't win in the long run.

You chose your path, one that you thought would lead to victory, and it looked like you got your wish. But eventually that "win" breaks down and you find yourself losing worse than if you had not cheated.

Sadly there are a lot of innocent people that are hurt by the cheating. They trusted you, depended on you, and you showed them that you do not deserve that trust. People learn quickly not to trust a cheater. It is those people that will reject you in the future when you need them most.

The institutions that our society are built upon require trust. But that trust is shattered when cheaters take advantage of that trust. Poll after poll finds that fewer and fewer people have that trust, and fewer are taking part in these institutions. This leads to a situation where our society is showing major stress because of this.

All's fair in love and politics, only if you are doing them wrong.